The Best Travel Insurance in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

by | Aug 28, 2023

Travel with security and comfort. Take a look at our top Canadian insurance companies 

Travel insurance is an essential part of any trip, whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally. It provides coverage for unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage. In Canada, there are several travel insurance providers offering a wide range of policies to suit different needs. We’ll explore some of the best travel insurance options available in Canada, considering factors such as coverage, cost, and customer service.

Blue Cross

Navigating the vast expanse of Canada? Whether you’re a local jet-setter, a student venturing abroad, or a snowbird chasing the sun, Blue Cross has got your back. As one of Canada’s shining stars in the insurance galaxy, they’ve crafted a suite of travel insurance plans that are as diverse as the country itself. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the treasures Blue Cross has in store for travellers:

The Medical Safety Net

Imagine you’re exploring the Rockies and twist an ankle. Blue Cross’s emergency medical insurance swoops in like a superhero, covering those unexpected medical bills. From hospital stays to prescriptions, they’ve got you covered. And those with pre-existing conditions? They haven’t forgotten about you. Just remember to check the fine print.

The “Oops, Change of Plans” Shield

Life’s unpredictable. Maybe a snowstorm hits or a loved one falls ill. If you need to hit pause or even cancel your trip, Blue Cross’s trip cancellation and interruption insurance ensures your wallet doesn’t bear the brunt. It’s like having a safety net for your travel plans.

The Luggage Lifeguard

Lost your suitcase? Dropped your camera in Quebec City? Blue Cross’s baggage insurance is like a personal bodyguard for your belongings. From your favourite jeans to that pricey DSLR, they’ve got it under their protective wing. And if your luggage decides to take its own vacation, they’ll cover your essentials while you wait.

The Globe-Trotter’s Passport

For those with wanderlust in their veins, making multiple trips a year, Blue Cross’s multi-trip insurance is your golden ticket. One policy, countless adventures. It’s the savvy traveller’s dream.

The Canadian Welcome Mat

For our international friends visiting the Great White North, Blue Cross rolls out the red carpet. Their visitors to Canada insurance ensures that from Niagara Falls to the Northern Lights, any medical surprises won’t dampen the experience. And yes, they’ve thought of those with pre-existing conditions too.

The Snowbird’s Sunshine Cover

For Canadians who trade snow for sun during the chilly months, Blue Cross has crafted a special snowbird insurance. Whether you’re basking on a Floridian beach or exploring the Mexican Riviera, they’ve got your winter escapades covered, from medical emergencies to misplaced luggage.

The Scholar’s Overseas Shield

Studying abroad? Blue Cross has tailored insurance just for students. From unexpected medical bills in Paris to a pharmacy run in Tokyo, they ensure your academic journey is smooth sailing. And for those with pre-existing conditions, they’ve got a chapter in their policy just for you.

Beyond the Basics: Blue Cross Extras

But wait, there’s more! Beyond the insurance, Blue Cross offers a treasure trove of additional services. Need emergency assistance at 3 am? They’re on it. Want to stay updated with travel alerts? Consider it done. With a global network of healthcare providers and a user-friendly online portal, managing your policy and claims is a breeze.


CAA Travel Insurance

Embarking on a Canadian escapade or a global adventure? Let CAA, the Canadian Automobile Association, be your co-pilot. Renowned for its robust coverage and a claims process as smooth as a freshly paved highway, CAA ensures your travels are as serene as a Sunday drive. Buckle up, and let’s navigate the scenic routes of CAA’s travel insurance offerings.

The Medical Compass

Venturing into the unknown is thrilling, but unexpected health hiccups? Not so much. CAA’s Emergency Medical Insurance is like a trusty GPS, guiding you through unforeseen medical terrains. Whether you’re a one-time wanderer or a serial explorer, they’ve got Single-Trip and Multi-Trip options. And if spontaneity extends your journey, they’re flexible enough to extend your coverage.

The “Life Happened” Buffer

Sometimes, life throws a detour sign on our best-laid plans. With CAA’s Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance, you’re cushioned against the financial bumps of unforeseen cancellations or early returns. Be it a sudden illness, a family emergency, or Mother Nature’s mood swings, CAA ensures your journey’s interruptions don’t empty your pockets.

The Luggage Lifeline

Travel tales are best without the “lost luggage” chapter. CAA’s Baggage Insurance is your safeguard against the woes of misplaced or damaged belongings. And if your luggage takes a longer vacation than planned, they’ve got a plan to cover your essential replacements.

The Unexpected Detour Guard

Travel is about embracing the unexpected, but accidents? We’d rather not. CAA’s Travel Accident Insurance is your shield against the unforeseen, offering coverage for those rare, unfortunate mishaps during transit.

 The Canadian Hospitality Umbrella

Hosting international guests? Let them experience Canada’s warmth, not its medical bills. CAA’s Visitors to Canada Insurance ensures your guests enjoy the maple charm without fretting over emergency medical expenses.

The Freewheeling Car Cloak

Exploring hidden trails with a rental car? CAA’s Rental Car Protection is like a protective layer against potential dents, both to the car and your wallet. Plus, it watches over your belongings, guarding against potential thefts from your rented ride.

The Jetsetter’s Journal

For those with a calendar marked with multiple travel dates, CAA’s annual plans are a treasure. Merging emergency medical coverage with trip interruption safeguards, it’s the frequent traveller’s best companion.


Manulife Travel Insurance

Embarking on a journey? Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a year-long odyssey, Manulife, one of Canada’s insurance titans, crafts a protective cloak around your adventures. With a tapestry of plans tailored for every traveller, from the occasional tourist to the seasoned globetrotter, Manulife ensures your travels are about memories, not mishaps. Let’s set sail through their offerings:

The Medical Guardian

Manulife’s Emergency Medical Insurance is like a trusty shield, guarding against unexpected health curveballs thrown your way during travels.

  • Single-Trip Sentry: Perfect for the spontaneous adventurer, covering one epic journey up to 365 days.
  • Multi-Trip Maestro: For those bitten by the travel bug, ensuring every escapade within a year is covered, be it a 10-day retreat or a 60-day expedition.
  • Coverage Cornerstones: From hospital stays to emergency evacuations, they’ve got your back

The “Just in Case” Umbrella

When life throws lemons at your travel plans, Manulife’s Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance ensures you’re not left sour. Whether it’s a sudden illness, Mother Nature’s fury, or an unexpected job twist, they cushion the financial blow.

The Luggage Protector

Your suitcase is more than just fabric and zippers; it’s a trove of essentials and memories. Manulife watches over it, ensuring lost, stolen, or delayed baggage doesn’t rain on your parade.

The Rare Mishap Buffer

While we hope our journeys are smooth, Manulife’s Flight & Travel Accident Insurance is there for the rare turbulence, offering solace in the form of financial support during unforeseen accidents.

The All-in-One Adventure Kit

For those who love bundled joy, Manulife’s all-inclusive holiday packages are a treasure chest, merging medical, cancellation, and baggage coverages into one neat parcel.

Tailored Travel Tapestries

  • The Canadian Welcome Mat: For international guests gracing Canadian shores, offering them a safety net during their stay.
  • Scholar’s Safeguard: For the knowledge seekers abroad, ensuring their academic pursuits are hiccup-free.
  • Global Citizen Cover: For Canadians setting up nests in foreign lands, a protective layer for their health.

 The Manulife Magic Touch

  • Always Alert: Day or night, their assistance team is poised to guide you.
  • Tailor-Made Travels: Flexibility to tweak plans, ensuring they fit your journey like a glove.
  • Digital Ease: With a user-friendly online portal, claims are just a click away.


TuGo Travel Insurance

Setting sail on a new adventure? Let TuGo, a beacon in the Canadian travel insurance landscape, be your guiding star. Renowned for its tailor-made policies and a penchant for turning travel hiccups into mere blips, TuGo crafts a safety net around your wanderlust tales. Let’s embark on a voyage through TuGo’s offerings, ensuring your travels are tales of wonder, not woes.

The Health Helm

Venturing into new horizons can be unpredictable. TuGo’s Emergency Medical Insurance stands as your guardian, ensuring unexpected health detours don’t derail your journey.

  • Solo Sojourns & Serial Journeys: Whether it’s a singular escapade or multiple adventures, TuGo’s got a plan tailored for every traveller’s heartbeat.
  • Coverage Compass: From serene hospital rooms to emergency evacuations, they ensure your health journey is smooth and secure.

The “Plot Twist” Parachute

Every good story has its twists. TuGo’s Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance ensures these plot twists, like sudden illnesses or abrupt travel advisories, don’t pinch your pocket.

The Treasure Chest Guard

Every trinket and tee you pack is a piece of your travel story. TuGo’s Baggage Insurance ensures your travel treasures, whether lost or delayed, are always accounted for.

The Guardian of Rare Skies

Travel is about soaring high, but it’s always wise to be prepared for the rare nosedive. TuGo’s Flight & Travel Accident Insurance offers solace in the form of financial support during those rare turbulent times.

MyFlyt: Your Flight’s Best Friend

Air travel can sometimes feel like a game of waiting. Enter MyFlyt, TuGo’s digital sentinel, which keeps you updated on flight statuses in real time. And if your flight decides to take a prolonged break? MyFlyt might just pamper you with a cozy airport lounge or a delightful meal, ensuring delays are just another chapter in your travel story.

Tailor-Made Tales

  • The Maple Leaf Welcome: For our international guests, ensuring their Canadian escapade is medically secure.
  • Academic Adventures: For scholars venturing abroad, a protective layer ensures their pursuit of knowledge is uninterrupted.

Crafting Your Perfect Travel Tale

Choosing the right travel insurance is like choosing the right travel companion. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Narrative Scope: Ensure your policy paints a comprehensive picture, covering potential travel twists.
  • Budget Blueprint: Balance your adventure’s budget by comparing premiums and deductibles.
  • Chronicle Length: Ensure your policy’s duration matches your travel timeline.
  • The Fine Print Footnotes: Dive deep into the policy’s nuances, understanding its exclusions.
  • Supportive Sidekick: Opt for a provider known for being there when you need them the most.
  • Adventure Annotations: If adrenaline rushes are on your itinerary, ensure your policy is adventure-ready.


Key Benefits


Benefit/Feature Blue Cross CAA Travel Insurance Manulife TuGo
Emergency Medical Insurance
Single & Multi-Trip Plans
Trip Cancellation & Interruption
Baggage Insurance
Flight & Travel Accident Insurance Available Available Available
Specialized Plans (e.g., for students, visitors)
24/7 Assistance
Member/Policyholder Discounts Available ✓ (For CAA Members) Available Available
Innovative Services (e.g., real-time flight info) ✓ (MyFlyt)
Comprehensive All-Inclusive Packages Available Available Available


Choose the right armour

Navigating the world of travel insurance is akin to charting a course for an epic adventure. In the Canadian landscape, several guiding stars shine brightly: Blue Cross with its vast protective canopy, CAA with its member-exclusive perks, Manulife with its expansive offerings tailored for every traveller, and TuGo, which dances to its own rhythm with flexible policies and the innovative “MyFlyt” service.

Embarking on this quest, it’s crucial to pack the right armour. Dive deep into your travel aspirations, weigh the treasures each provider offers, and balance the scales of coverage, cost, and customer camaraderie. Whether your journey is within Canada’s majestic borders or beyond its shores, arm yourself with the perfect travel insurance shield. Here’s to charting safe and sound voyages! 🌍🛡️🧭🌟

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