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Mark and Clare Pack With Purpose

Our Story

It started with a suitcase and a need to explore. Travelling has always been our passion and something we cherish and value. From experiencing new locations and cultures to walking through history, we hope our stories can help you create your own.


Have you ever thrown items into a suitcase, slammed it shut, dragged it around for the duration of your trip and realized half of what you packed was unused? Have you come back from a trip with more items than you left with, not because of an excellent shopping spree but because you forgot items like an adaptor, toothpaste or a swimsuit?

Through our journeys, we have learned about ourselves, and the world around us. We want to help you do the same. The key to packing is to do so with intention. We love to travel, and through our travels, we have realized what works and what does not.


Mark Garner

My name is Mark Garner. I am so excited to be a part of your journey! As someone who loves to travel and experience new and mind-blowing adventures, it is an absolute privilege to plan and help you pack for an experience you will never forget. One of my biggest passions is seeing new and breathtaking landscapes that make your heart skip a beat. To walk in a new world to experience the old history and different cultures is exactly what I dream about daily. Whether sitting on a relaxing beach or hiking the Scotland Highlands, I am there with you in spirit every step of the way. I believe life is too short, so please feel free to check out my own personal adventures for inspiration. Let’s get packing!!!

Clare Hoejberg 

Hi, I’m Clare

Born and raised in a small town in the UK, I have always felt there’s a big world out there just waiting to be explored. I emigrated to Canada in my 20s as an entrepreneur and a mother. Travel is my passion, and to be more precise, it’s my love of water that drives me away from city life. I love to experience the best of this world, whether through its history, different cultures or spectacular landscapes. Ultimately, to experience the beauty of this planet that we have such a privilege to live on.

Allow me to guide you to the right products for your trip and some of the best beach destinations in the world. Helping you pack with a purpose!!!