Packable Hiking Backpack Water Resistant,30L Lightweight Daypack Foldable Backpack for Travel,By Zomake


It’s like carrying a cloud on your back!

The hiking backpack that every traveller needs

Imagine a hiking backpack that’s as light as a whisper but as mighty as a superhero. Enter the Zomake Lightweight Travel Backpack! It’s like carrying a cloud on your back, only this cloud has pockets, zippers, and a whole lot of wanderlust. Whether you’re a globe-trotting nomad, an urban explorer, or just someone who likes to be ready for anything, this backpack is your ultimate sidekick. It’s made from the stuff dreams are woven from – seriously, it’s so light you might forget you’re wearing it. But don’t let its weight fool you – it’s a heavyweight champion of convenience.

Multiple Compartments

With more compartments than you have fingers (well, almost), it’s got a special spot for your laptop, your snacks, your secret stash of chocolate, and even that souvenir snow globe you bought in that quaint little village. Plus, it’s foldable – yup, you can tuck it into its own pocket when it’s time to take a break. Talk about a backpack that knows how to do a magic trick!


Don’t let the rain stop you

Rain? No problemo. This backpack is water-resistant, so you can dance in the rain without worrying about your stuff turning into soggy surprises. And those adjustable straps? They’re like the friendly hugs your backpack gives you to keep you comfy no matter how far you’re striding.


It’s a must-have

So, whether you’re jetting off to explore faraway lands, conquering the concrete jungle, or just on a mission to find the world’s best coffee, the Zomake Lightweight Travel Backpack is your adventure accomplice. It’s so much more than a backpack – it’s a ticket to lightweight, hassle-free fun. Get ready to pack up and bounce into your next escapade with this featherlight wonder!


Colours Options

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Dimgray
  • Lake Green
  • Light Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver Grey
  • Yellow


Features & Benefits

About this item

  • 【0.74LB OF PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDABLE BACKPACK】The size of lightweight foldable backpack backpack is 19×13×7 inch,and the folding size is 8.6×7.5×2 inch.When you do not use light foldable backpacks,you can fold it into a compact pocket (size of sandwiches),and then open the backpack when used.The foldable backpack that does not take up space is a good helper for walking,shopping,walking and walking dogs
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDABLE BACKPACK 30L】Our foldable backpack capacity is 30L,large capacity,many pockets.There is a main bag with a backpack,inner partition;There are two front bags,two side bags,and one privacy pocket.Whether it is a washing change or a travel certificate,you can put it in a backpack.The 30L packable daypack meets the needs of going out
  • 【HIGH-QUALITYLIGHTWEIGHT FOLDABLE BACKPACK】Our lightweight travel backpack packable are nylon materials for water resistance and tear resistance,and the water resistance performance is good (note:≠completely waterproof).We use double-layered wear-resistant new processes to strengthen the suture of the nylon packable backpack.A zipper made of two-way SBS metal and high-quality resin materials to avoid stuck in the zipper.The smooth zipper can give you a good sense of experience
  • 【THE LATEST DESIGN】We design light packable hiking backpack in line with the principles of ergonomics and focusing on security protection awareness.Foldable backpack has the chest protection buckle and whistle.When encounter an emergency,you can sound the whistle waiting for the rescue.There are also protective buckle bands on the side bag to prevent the water bottle and umbrella placed in the side bag fall.The reflector on both sides of the front bag can make you feel more secure at night
  • 【THE AWARD-WINNING ZOMAKE FOLDABLE BACKPACK】Our ZOMAKE lightweight packable backpack provides high-quality services to 1,000,000 people in the world with high-end quality,and has received praise from many people.We believe that our light foldable backpack will be the perfect partner in your life.You can accompany you on foot,vacation,shopping,cycling,and exercise!