7 Day Iceland Cruise: Unforgettable Journey Through Natural Wonders

by | Sep 15, 2023

Sail the Saga Lands: Where Every Moment is a Nordic Dream.

A 7-day Iceland cruise offers an unparalleled journey into the land of fire and ice. This spectacular voyage provides passengers with the opportunity to explore Iceland’s stunning natural beauty, fascinating culture, and historic landmarks. From the enchanting city of Reykjavik to the picturesque landscapes of Akureyri, a week-long cruise allows time to marvel at the diverse wonders waiting to be discovered in this unique country.

During the cruise, passengers will experience a northern paradise where ice meets mountains and nature abounds. Various stops along the journey allow passengers to witness pristine fjords, tremendous glaciers, geothermal hot springs, and thundering waterfalls. As visitors traverse this captivating terrain, they can immerse themselves in the distinctive Icelandic culture and learn about the nation’s rich history, dating back to its first permanent settlement in 874 AD.

Both experienced travelers and first-time cruisers will undoubtedly find a voyage aboard a 7-day Iceland cruise to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the ship navigates from port to port, passengers can expect spectacular views, engaging activities, and an unforgettable adventure amidst the breathtaking beauty of Iceland.

Why Choose a 7-Day Cruise to Iceland

A 7-day cruise to Iceland offers the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. Cruising allows you to see many of the country’s stunning natural wonders without the stress and hassle of planning transportation, accommodations, and activities on your own.

One major advantage of a 7-day Iceland cruise is the ability to visit multiple destinations within the country. Many cruises include stops at Iceland’s most popular attractions, such as the Golden Circle and the Jewels of the North. This provides travelers the opportunity to explore the country’s diverse landscapes, from volcanic formations to glaciers and waterfalls.

In addition to visiting Iceland’s most iconic sites, cruising offers the comfort and convenience of having everything you need on board the ship. This eliminates the need to constantly pack and unpack your belongings as you move from one destination to another. Moreover, cruise ships often provide a range of leisure and entertainment options, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience.

Another significant benefit of a 7-day Iceland cruise is its cost-effectiveness. Cruising often includes accommodation, meals, and access to onboard amenities, making it an all-inclusive vacation option. Additionally, cruises often provide shore excursions and guided tours, ensuring that you make the most of your time in Iceland without having to worry about logistics or additional costs.

Lastly, a 7-day cruise provides a unique perspective of Iceland’s breathtaking scenery. Many of the country’s most beautiful landscapes can be seen from the comfort of a cruise ship, allowing you to admire the country’s rugged coastlines and charming villages. Furthermore, some cruises even offer overnight stays in cities like Reykjavik, granting ample time for exploration and cultural immersion.

In summary, a 7-day Iceland cruise is an excellent option for travelers seeking a balanced vacation that combines relaxation, convenience, and breathtaking sights. With so many advantages, it’s clear why cruises to Iceland are steadily gaining popularity.

The Cruise Ship Experience

On-board Facilities

The cruise ship offers a wide range of facilities to cater to guests’ needs during the 7-day Iceland Cruise. These include various dining options like specialty restaurants, buffet venues, and cafes. The attentive staff ensures all guests enjoy their meals in a relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, the ship offers state-of-the-art fitness centers, equipped with modern machines and professional trainers to help guests stay active and healthy during their time on board.

Additionally, the ship provides serene spa facilities that offer numerous treatments, such as massages, facials, and aromatherapy sessions. Shops and boutiques on board allow guests to purchase souvenirs, clothing, and other essentials during their journey.

On-board Entertainment & Leisure

The 7-day Iceland Cruise offers a plethora of entertainment options tailored to suit various interests. Guests can attend captivating shows, live music performances, and informative lectures on diverse topics, including the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of Iceland. Moreover, various workshops and classes are available for those looking to learn something new, like cooking, dancing, or painting.

For leisure, the ship has various lounges and bars positioned throughout the vessel. Here, guests can unwind and socialize while enjoying their favourite drinks and appetizers. The cruise also offers a casino for those interested in trying their luck at games like poker, roulette, and slot machines.

Staterooms and Suites

The 7-day Iceland Cruise provides guests with a choice of well-appointed staterooms and suites. These living spaces are designed to ensure comfort, privacy, and exceptional views of the surrounding landscapes. The cruise ship offers different categories of accommodations, including:

  • Inside Staterooms: These staterooms are the most budget-friendly, providing cozy and comfortable spaces with modern amenities.
  • Oceanview Staterooms: These rooms feature expansive windows, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and allowing natural light to filter in.
  • Balcony Staterooms: Equipped with a private balcony, these staterooms enable guests to unwind in the fresh air and admire the beautiful scenery.
  • Suites: These luxurious accommodations provide additional amenities and services, including separate living spaces, larger balconies, and priority check-in.

Each stateroom and suite is equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and ensuite bathrooms to enhance guests’ experiences throughout the 7-day Iceland Cruise.

The Itinerary

Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1: Departure from the home port and sailing towards Iceland. Guests will have the chance to enjoy various ship amenities such as restaurants, pools, and entertainment.

Day 2: At sea, continuing the journey towards Iceland. Onboard activities and entertainment such as live shows, trivia contests, and culinary demonstrations will be available.

Day 3: Arrival at Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. Guests can embark on shore excursions, or explore the city independently, visiting sights such as Hallgrimskirkja and Harpa Concert Hall.

Day 4: Arriving at Akureyri, a charming port city in northern Iceland. Guests can choose to visit sites like Lake Myvatn Geothermal Area, Húsavík whale watching, or Godafoss Waterfall.

Day 5: Sailing to the remote Westfjords region of Iceland. Stops may include Isafjordur, with its picturesque fjords, or Bildudalur, a small fishing village with local cafés and museums.

Day 6: Return to Reykjavik for a full day of exploration. Guests may opt to visit the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, or partake in unique Icelandic experiences such as horseback riding or lava cave exploration.

Day 7: At sea, sailing back to the home port. Enjoy a relaxing day aboard the ship, attending farewell events, or indulging in spa treatments.

Places You’ll Visit

  • Reykjavik: The vibrant capital of Iceland offers a blend of modern architecture, natural beauty, and a lively arts and culture scene.
  • Akureyri: Known as the “Capital of the North,” Akureyri is a gateway to some of Iceland’s most stunning landscapes and wildlife experiences.
  • Westfjords: This remote region is characterized by breathtaking fjords, rugged coastlines, and quaint fishing villages.
  • Isafjordur: With its scenic fjord views and rich artistic culture, Isafjordur is an essential stop on any Icelandic voyage.
  • Bildudalur: This charming fishing village serves as a perfect base for exploring the surrounding fjords and countryside.

Essential Packing Tips

When preparing for a 7-day Iceland cruise, it’s important to pack items that will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements. Iceland is known for its unpredictable weather, so being prepared is key. Here are some essential packing tips for your Iceland cruise:

First and foremost, pack warm, layered clothing. This includes thermal base layers, a fleece or wool sweaters, and a waterproof, windproof outer layer. Wearing layers is a flexible way to handle the changing temperatures during the day, ensuring your comfort at all times. Don’t forget items like waterproof pants, gloves, hats, and scarfs, as they will keep you protected from the wind and cold.

Next, consider investing in a good pair of warm and waterproof shoes or boots. You’ll be doing quite a bit of walking, especially during shore excursions. It’s essential to have footgear that provides both comfort and protection from ice, snow, and rain.

Additionally, bring dry bags or reusable waterproof pouches for your electronics and important documents. Moisture can be damaging to your devices or essential papers like your passport. Having a way to keep these items dry is crucial, especially in Iceland’s wet and unpredictable weather conditions.

Since Iceland is known for its beautiful landscapes, don’t forget to pack your camera equipment. Consider bringing extra batteries, a waterproof camera cover, and a sturdy tripod to capture the stunning scenery during your cruise.

Lastly, don’t forget to pack travel essentials that are useful for any trip, such as:

  • A high-capacity power bank
  • Individual toiletries (travel size)
  • Medications and first aid kit
  • A windproof travel umbrella
  • Snacks and a reusable water bottle

By following these essential packing tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy a memorable 7-day Iceland cruise.

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Tips for First-time Cruisers

A 7-day Iceland cruise can be an incredible experience, especially for first-time cruisers. To make the most out of your trip, consider these tips:

1. Arrive a day before your cruise: Arriving at least a day ahead of your scheduled departure helps minimize the risk of flight delays or other issues that could affect your boarding. It also allows you to start your vacation stress-free and well-rested.

2. Research the ports in advance: Familiarize yourself with the ports you’ll be visiting during your Iceland cruise. Plan your excursions ahead of time to maximize your time onshore and ensure you take part in all the activities you’re interested in.

3. Pack smartly: Overpacking can be a common mistake for first-time cruisers. Pack only what you need, keep in mind that most cruises have a casual dress code, and remember that laundry services are often available onboard.

4. Be familiar with the ship’s layout: Study the ship’s map before embarking on your cruise. It will help you navigate the ship and locate essential areas such as restaurants, entertainment venues, and guest relations.

5. Budget for extra expenses: While many amenities and services are included in your cruise fare, some extras like specialty restaurants, spa treatments, or shore excursions may not be covered. Keep track of your spending and account for these additional costs in your budget.

6. Plan and pace your activities: Cruises offer a variety of entertainment options, so it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with too many activities. Make sure to balance your onboard fun with enough relaxation to fully enjoy your vacation.

By following these tips, first-time cruisers can maximize their vacation experience and create unforgettable memories on their 7-day Iceland cruise.

Weather and Best Time to Cruise

Iceland’s weather is known for its unpredictability, but there are certain months that are better for cruising. Summer months, such as June, July, and August offer extended daylight hours and relatively warm weather with average temperature ranging from 49° to 59°F (9° to 15°C), making it the best time to visit Iceland. Activities such as whale watching, exploring waterfalls, and experiencing the geysers are at their peak during these months.

However, if you prefer less crowded tourist spots and cooler temperatures, you might want to consider Iceland’s shoulder season. The shoulder season spans from mid-May to mid-June and September to mid-October. Although slightly cooler, this time provides travelers with extra room to explore the natural wonders of Iceland without being overwhelmed by tourist crowds.

September is particularly interesting as it marks the start of Northern Lights sightings, with clear nights offering the opportunity to witness this magical phenomenon. It is important to remember that the Northern Lights are never guaranteed and depend on weather conditions and solar activity.

In summary, the most favorable time for a 7-day cruise in Iceland depends on your preferences:

  • Summer (June to August): Extended daylight hours, warmer weather, and peak tourist season.
  • Shoulder Season (Mid-May to Mid-June and September to Mid-October): Cooler temperatures, fewer tourists, and potential Northern Lights sightings in September.

Iceland Cruise Versus Iceland Land Travel

When planning a trip to Iceland, you may be faced with the decision of choosing between a cruise and a land-based tour. Each option offers unique experiences and advantages, so it’s essential to consider which factors are most important for your vacation.

Cruise Advantages:

  • A cruise can provide a comfortable and convenient way to visit multiple locations. With accommodation, dining, and entertainment onboard, there’s no need to worry about constantly packing and unpacking.
  • Cruises often have expert guides aboard, offering valuable insight into the destinations and enhancing your understanding of the culture and history.
  • Several Iceland cruises also include stops at other nearby destinations, such as Greenland or the Faroe Islands, giving you a more diverse travel experience.

Land Tour Advantages:

  • A land tour offers the freedom of touring Iceland at your own pace, exploring areas that might be inaccessible by ship. You can reach attractions more quickly and experience locations away from the popular tourist spots.
  • Land-based tours can typically be customized to fit your individual preferences, from the sights you visit to the level of accommodation and adventure.
  • By traveling within Iceland by car or taking part in a group tour, you can spend more time at each location, allowing for a deeper exploration of the country.

When considering the Pros and Cons Of Cruising To Iceland versus a land-based vacation, it’s valuable to weigh the convenience and potential for relaxation offered by a cruise against the freedom and opportunities for in-depth exploration afforded by a land tour. While both options can provide incredible experiences, your choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and travel goals.

Booking Your Cruise

How to Choose a Cruise Line

When embarking on a 7-day Iceland cruise, selecting the right cruise line is crucial. Consider booking with a reputable company such as Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Line, both popular options that cater to different travel styles.

To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

  • Amenities and services: Each cruise line may offer varying amenities and services. They may include onboard dining, entertainment, shore excursions, and more.
  • Price range: Be mindful of your budget and choose a cruise line that fits your financial preferences.
  • Itinerary: Analyze the itinerary to ensure that the cruise line includes your desired ports and attractions.

Finding the Best Deal

To secure the best deal on your Iceland cruise, consider these tips:

  1. Book early: Booking well in advance could save you a significant amount of money as many cruise lines offer early booking discounts.
  2. Monitor deals and discounts: Keep an eye on promotions and discounts, as many cruise lines will occasionally offer special deals that could save you money.
  3. Use a travel agent: Professional travel agents may have access to exclusive deals and discounts that may not be available to the general public.
  4. Choose off-peak travel times: By selecting travel dates during shoulder or off-peak seasons, you could find better deals and a less crowded cruise experience.

By following these guidelines and researching various cruise options, you will be well on your way to booking an unforgettable 7-day Iceland cruise.


A 7-day Iceland cruise offers an exceptional and memorable experience for travelers seeking to explore this mesmerizing Nordic island nation. Sailing around Iceland aboard a comfortable cruise ship, such as the Ocean Diamond, allows guests to take in the breathtaking landscapes of pristine fjords, massive glaciers, geothermal hot springs, and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

The itinerary of a 7-day Iceland cruise can include visits to iconic sites like Godafoss, the “Waterfall of the Gods,” outside Akureyri, as noted in the Windstar Cruises itinerary. Additionally, travelers have the unique opportunity to take a polar flight to Grimsey Island and stand half in and half out of the Arctic Circle.

Moreover, a cruise to Iceland provides access to remote locations that are difficult or even impossible to reach by land, such as the island of Heimaey – often referred to as the Pompeii of the North – a site with an intriguing history of a devastating volcanic eruption in 1973. The Icelandic horse, a friendly and resilient breed exclusive to Iceland, can be met and appreciated on excursions during the voyage.

Ultimately, a 7-day Iceland cruise offers travelers a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral way to explore the captivating wonders of this enigmatic country. With its clear and crisp air, astonishing raw beauty, and fascinating cultural heritage, Iceland continues to be a captivating destination for those looking to experience the extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year for an Iceland cruise?

The optimal time for an Iceland cruise is during the summer months, from June to August. During this time, the weather is generally milder and more pleasant, with longer daylight hours for sightseeing and exploring. However, travelers should still be prepared for changing weather conditions, as Iceland’s climate can be unpredictable.

Which cruise lines offer 7-day itineraries in Iceland?

Several cruise lines offer 7-day itineraries in Iceland, such as Ocean Diamond and Viking Cruises. These cruises typically feature stops at various ports around the island, giving passengers the opportunity to explore Iceland’s unique landscapes and culture.

What are the popular ports of call on an Iceland cruise?

An Iceland cruise often stops at a range of popular ports, such as Reykjavik, Akureyri, Isafjordur, and the Westman Islands. These locations offer a mix of urban exploration, natural beauty, and cultural experiences, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in everything Iceland has to offer.

What type of activities can be expected on an Iceland cruise?

Cruise passengers can enjoy a variety of activities on an Iceland cruise, from guided tours of historic sites and natural wonders to wildlife excursions and hot spring visits. Some cruises also provide opportunities for hiking, glacier exploration, and kayaking to further enhance the experience of Iceland’s dramatic landscapes.

How much should I budget for a 7-day Iceland cruise?

The cost of a 7-day Iceland cruise varies depending on the cruise line, itinerary, and cabin class selected. Prices can range from around $2,000 per person for budget-friendly options to over $10,000 per person for luxury experiences. It’s important to factor in additional costs, such as airfare, gratuities, and on-shore excursions, when planning your budget.

Are there any combination cruises with Iceland and Greenland?

Yes, there are cruises that offer itineraries combining both Iceland and Greenland. These cruises typically include stops at multiple ports in both countries, providing passengers the opportunity to explore the unique landscapes, wildlife, and cultural experiences of both Icelandic and Greenlandic destinations.